किट व्यवस्थापन – आँप र लिची

आँपमा लाग्ने किराहरु तथा तिनको व्यवस्थापन

Mango leaf Webber, (Orthaga euadrusalis)

  • Removal of leaf webs and burning them.
  • Manual or mechanical destruction of webs with long hooked bamboo poles can curb the spread of the pest to some extent.
  • Pruning infested shoots during June-July and burning them, helps in cutting down the pest population.
  • Parasites like Brachyameria eascus are found to effectively control the pest.
  • Raking the soil around the base of the trees in January and spraying insecticides like Chlorpyriphos at 2ml/liter of water (2500 ml in 1250 liters of water per hectare) immediately after disturbance of webs result effective management.
  • Quinalphos 25 EC @ 1.5 ml/liter of water (1875ml in 1250 liters of water per hectare) or Acephate @ 1.5 gram/liter of water (1875 g in 1250 liters of water per hectare).

Mango Gall Psyllid (Apsylla castella)

  • Collect and destroy gall.
  • Spray 1.7 liters of dimethoate 30 EC in 1250 liters of water per hectare.

Mango Stone Weevil (Sternochetus magniferae)

  • Destroying all fallen fruits, weevilled mango and dispose of refuse, stone, debris etc.
  • Being internal feeder, weevil is not affected by insecticides unless treatment is done early (Feb-May) to kill the adult awaiting the formation of ripe fruits.

Mango Mealy Bug (Drosicha magniferae)

  • Remove weeds from orchard.
  • Ploughing of orchards at summer expose to natural enemies.
  • Using 15-20 cm wide sticky band with plastic sheet around the trunk above the ground level during 2nd week of December.
  • Nymph found congregating below the lower edge of plastic sheet should be killed mechanically or applying Deltamehrin.

Mango Hopper (Idioscopus niveosparsus)

  • Avoid high density planting.
  • Do not encourage plants to put intermittent flushes by regular irrigation and split dose of nitrogen.
  • Avoid waterlogged and damp condition.
  • Prune plant at winter for better light penetration.
  • Spray 3 liters Dimethoate 30 EC in 1250 liters of water or 2-5 kg of Carbaryl 50 WP in 1250 liter of water.

Mango Stem Borers (Batocera rufomacutata)

  • Cut and destroy the infected branches with grub and pupae within.
  • Remove grass near the holes and inject 10 ml of Deltamethrin/Quinalphos inside hole & plugging by moist soil.
  • Placing Aluminum phosphide tablet inside the hole and plugging with most soil.
  • Injecting kerosene/petrol in hole and plugging with moist soil.

लिचिमा लाग्ने किराहरु तथा तिनको व्यवस्थापन

लिचीको पतेरो (Litchi Stink Bug)

  • बगैचाको सरसफाई ।
  • संक्रमित शाखा र रूखहरूको भागको प्रारम्भिक काटछाँट।
  • प्रति हेक्टर १२५० लिटर पानीमा ३ लिटर डाइमेथोएट ३० ई.सी. प्रयोग गर्नुहोस्। 

पात बटार्ने सुलसुले (Leaf Curl Mite)

  • प्रति हेक्टर ५००-१००० लिटर पानी प्रयोग गरेर १०० मिलीलीटर Propagites 57 EC  स्प्रे गर्नुहोस् । नयाँ पालुवा आउनभन्दा पहिले स्प्रे गर्नुहोस्।
  • माइट फ्री रोपण सामग्रीको प्रयोग गर्ने ।
  • प्रभावित भाग छाँट्नुपर्दछ ।