Farmer`s Diary

 Pear Introduction: Genus pyrus originated in the mountainous region of the eastern china Indigenous pear or mayal (pyrus pashia) is found growing in Nepal Pear is cultivated in the mid hill region Pharping is famous for pear   Botany: Family: Rosaceae Sub-family: Pomoideae Chromosome no (x): 17 Inflorescence is indeterminate umbel like raceme Fruit is

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Citrus Introduction: Citrus are believed to be native of tropical and sub-tropical parts of the Himalayan region, south East Asia. Citrus belongs to the family Rutaceae. 62 Districts of Nepal grows citrus fruits 42 Districts have commercial cultivation Mandarin covers about 62% of the total citrus production followed by Junar 22%, Lime 12%, Lemon 3%

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Introduction Common name:rose,derived from Greek word rhedon which means excellent fragrance Scientific name:Rosa chinensis Family:Rosaceae Also known as queen of flowers. Signifies love   Uses Aesthetic purpose Rose is the best known and most popular of all the garden flowers throughout the world.It is famous for its shape,color and fragrance.So it is widely used for

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