Datura(Dhaturo): Know its cultivation practices, uses and medicinal value

             Datura Introduction: Datura, a wildly growing plant from Solanaceae ...
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Aloe Vera cultivation

Aloe Vera: Cultivation Practices, Medicinal Values and Other Uses

                  Aloe Vera Introduction: Aloe Vera is ...
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Orchid: Phalaenopsis spp.

Orchid (Sunakhari): Cultivation Practices, Post-harvest Handling and Uses

                Introduction Common name: Orchid Botanical name: Many ...
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Mango: Physiological Disorders and Management

MANGO Introduction Scientific name: Mangifera indica Family: Anacardiaceae Origin: India, Bangladesh, Myanmar Mode of pollination: ...
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Rose: Know the Cultivation Practices, Uses and Post-harvest Handling

Introduction Common name:rose,derived from Greek word rhedon which means excellent fragrance Scientific name:Rosa chinensis Family:Rosaceae ...
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Scientific Fertilizer Application Technique in Grain legumes & Oilseed Crops calculated from Fertilizer Calculator

Fertilizer Application in Grain legumes & oilseed Crops Know the scientific fertilizer application of calculated ...
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