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Purpose & Values

Agriculture, manufactures, commerce and navigation, the four pillars of our prosperity, are the most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise. 

We aim in providing different utilities to both Nepalese Farmers and students and empower youth to get involved in agriculture and lay building brick for independency of the country in Agriculture. It includes Fertilizer calculator, seed rate calculator, herbicide calculator, pesticide calculator, poultry feed calculator, vaccination schedule for farm animals, concentrate feed calculator for livestock, animal live weight calculator and publications of review article and articles in emerging topic, stories of successful farmers, (plants, insects and disease identification tool-will soon be available) direct consultation service to farmers and many more.



3. 11. 2016

Bright Green Beginnings


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Agriculture Management Today

Agriculture is an inseparable part of Nepalese economy and Nepalese people are devoted to Subsistence Agriculture. AgriTechNepal is the empowering and assisting tool for Nepalese farmers and students who perceive Agriculture as their part of production, service and research. AgritechNepal is merely not a tool with few features but a complete package that includes solution to most identified problems related to Nepalese Agriculture and especially linked with best management for both Agriculture and Livestock production in the nation. Government of Nepal has aimed to revolutionize, modernize and commercialize agriculture and develop ourself as an independent country and with motto of “Connecting Farmers and Revolutionizing Agriculture” AgriTechNepal has emerged.
ICT( Information Communication and Technology ) in agriculture is emerging as hot issue in Nepalese Agriculture as it has been supporting countries who have stepped much ahead in agriculture and is now the turn for developing countries like Nepal. AgriTechNepal, with the aim of assisting farmers to make decisions in their farm regarding farm inputs and their right amount and time of application, provides information on best agronomic practices cropwise, best livestock management and many more as broad features.

We (AgriTechNepal) would like to extend our very grateful appreciation to those who extend supporting hands for successfully completing this project. AgriTechNepal would like to special thanks to Mr. Bishworaj Poudel (Technology channel) for developing this beautiful website and following mobile app and Mr. Krishna Adhikari (Forkhakitech) who continuously furnish us with technical guidance and Miss. Prajina Neupane who provide this beautiful concept.
Similarly, acknowledgement goes to Associate Prof. Mr. Santosh Marahatta (Agriculture And forestry University), assistant prof. Mr. Madav Prasad Neupane (AFU), Asst. Prof Mr. Bishal Shrestha (Principal NRMC-Bardibas), Assist. Prof. Mr. Ritesh Kumar Yadav (AFU-Rampur), and Assist. Prof. Bhola Gautam (AFU-rampur).
Similarly, we would like to express our heartful appreciation to Mrs. Dambar Kumari Adhikari, Mr. Liladhar Adhikari, Mr. Keshav Adhikari, Mr. Indra Prasad Adhikari, Mrs. Rudra Maya Subedi, Mrs. Sangita Acharya, Mrs. Hemkala Subedi, Mrs. Bhagawati Adhikari, Mr. Surya Banstola who always motivate and support us for developing this project.
We owe our gratitude to Mr. Binod Bhantana, Mr. Bishal Panthi, Mr. Top Bahadur Khatri, Mr. Dipesh Oli, Mr. Rajiv Regmi, Mr. Naniram Dulal, Mr. Keshav Raj kapadi, Mr. Aashish Acharya, Mr. Saugat Gautam, Mr. Anit Poudel, Mr. Pradip Gyawali, Mr. Ramesh Bhatt, Mr. Amrit Adhikari, Mr. Nabin Poudel who provide with ideas and contents.
Further we would like to remember with grateful thanks to Mr. Amrit Adhikari, Mr. Santosh Adhikari, Mr. Prem Adhikari, Mr. Sandesh Adhikari, Mr. Krishna Adhikari, Mr. Arjun Adhikari, Mr. Keshav Dhakal and many more who have directly or indirectly supported to develop this concept which have potential for promoting Nepalese Agriculture.
We hope that this project will be received well by the users. Any suggestions to improve the app in content or in style is always welcome. We will sincerely appreciate receiving comments from users-instructors, students, analysts, and farmers who use this website and app.